Friday, July 23, 2010

First Night of Alive

I was still tired when I woke today and wanted to fall back asleep. The phone rang and it was from work. The problem was resolved immediately but I was awake. Qi Gong with my wife followed by meditation.
 A rare weekday breakfast in the yard and then we began preparing the space. We worked on this until 10:30 am then off to do some errands.

I picked Tony Geballe up at 1pm. With mics and lap top in tow he was ready to get to work. A light lunch and we began setting the space at 3pm. We completed the sound check at 5:15. We had a light dinner of zucchini feta pancakes and veggie sausage and then I rested for 20 minutes. Being as tired as I was negative thoughts about myself and this live recording process were invading my mind. I began watering the postive seeds in me, knowing that these negative thoughts are not truth.

The first of the audience arrived promptly at the appointed hour of 7pm followed shortly by the remaining members. I finished warming up and began to play at 7:30pm. The set-list was:

Gathered Hearts
Steppin' Stones
Matka Boska
Scattered Hearts
Livin' the Dream
Dancin' Free
Lost Ballon
Dandelion Wish
Here We Are

Peter suggested an improvisation. I passed out three temple bells and Joann had another bell. I used me ebow. A second improv also occurred. Peter wanted to do something together. First he played In a Silent Way and then Shifting Shadows. We then played a circulation together.

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