Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Sky's the Limit

                                     Photo by Jake Liefer

Written on 7/14/10

Why am I preparing for a live recording project next week? Why not keep practicing and composing as time permits within the constraints of the day job?  Feeling a bit of pressure as to how I will fare next week. Some of the self talk turning to the negative.  But then I remember why I play music - for  sheer love and joy.

Written 7/27/10

Obviously I began this post prior to the four days of performances I arranged for last week. The recording is done and now I wait for the rough edits to listen to what was played. Now what?  There is something about performing for small intimate audiences that I prefer. The quality of listening that occurs with a small audience in the right space certainly has an appeal to me.  I am not interested in competing with the sounds of drinking and dining in cafes and restaurants as I play.  What I really enjoyed were the improvisations that arose while the audience was playing with temple bells. The joy on their faces as they participated in the act of music was wonderful and brought me back to the reason I play.  To be able to share this joy with others is nourishing.

Back to 'trusting' as the verb that will reveal the next step(s.)  Any ideas? Private concerts for two to dazzle your new date? I could even plan the menu for you, if you need assistance with that. Hmmm, perhaps I am onto something.

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