Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Playing the Rest


This afternoon I began to notice signs of an illness entering my body.  As a musician I have been instructed to "play the rests" when they appear within music.  Though not playing any notes, one still maintains a connection and presence with the music, their instrument, and themselves.  Subtle yet absolutely necessary for the  music to flow.

How might I "play the rests" when the score for the music of life is signaling it's time to rest.  This is a rest I want to ignore.  But then I wouldn't be a very good musician would I?


  1. You are a beautiful musician of life! Play the rests - I like that...thx

  2. Patrick-
    You are a true gift to the Guitar Craft community and beyond.

  3. Many thanks to you both for your attention and your kind words.