Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The First Note

First view of the awesome Helmcken Falls, Wells Gray Provincial Park
                                       Happy New Day!

This morning while shaving I had a thought about how to play with arpeggios.  I continued thinking yes, the first day of the year, it would be nice to work on a fresh and new exploration.  But what chord would serve the arpeggio?  When I want to pick up my guitar I paused.  Deciding to play my first note of this the new year with intention, I thought what note shall I play?  Eb came almost immediately to my mind. This wasn't a total surprise, as over the years there's always been something about an E flat that resonates with me.

For a moment, I thought think about another note.  But then I said no, Eb arose,  this is where I shall begin my playing for this year.  And so with care and attention I brought my hands to my guitar.  Allowing Eb to sing, I then chose an interval of the fourth and played Ab followed by a G and an E.  From here I began to play and explore, quickly finding an opening phrase.  Somewhat dark and melancholy I played this a few times and found another phrase.  Smiling as I put away my guitar as I had to attend an afternoon event with some friends.

Returning home, I was happy that I played my first note of the year with intentionality.  How might this small act of quality serve my playing for the coming year?  This one act changing everything.  Perhaps if I begin all my practice sessions with choosing one note,  I could connect all my practices throughout the year to this first practice.  Might this change me, my playing, or the world?  To extend the moment of my practicing, connecting with all that was and will be?

During the afternoon this initial phrase took on a title, Lifting the Veil. Somewhat easily the following phrases and ideas developed.  There is now a beginning, a middle, and an end to this piece and there  seems there is a connection throughout. I played this for my wife and she also felt there was a wholeness and musicality. Picking up my guitar one more time this evening I played through Lifting the Veil.  Transitions need to be worked out and fingering's remembered, but there is music within these notes.

What more could I hope for? 

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  1. What a beautiful, intentional way to begin your practice for 2013. May the year be filled the the gift of many harmonious notes.