Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Greek roadside memorial Traffic was horrible on my morning commute today and even worse than that and my journey home.  Some challenging interpersonal developments in between along with general professional duties made for a tired boy who just wanted to come home and rest.  But tomorrow night I am slated to share two pieces at a dear friends Memorial service.  As I walk up the stairs to my home the thought hit me in a flash.  Quite likely I'll be just as tired and frazzled tomorrow night when I need to play the service.  I decided to go take my guitar without warming up and just play the two pieces.  No time to calm my thinking, no time to release today's tension, just play.  So I did.  The conditions served me well to get ready for tomorrow night.

After dinner I played through the two pieces again.  This time I did calm my mind, focus my attention and allow my body to release.  After a light practice, I changed my strings.  A little playing for fun followed.  Now to rest.

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