Thursday, October 21, 2010

Alive Again Day One


10:15 am
Preparing the space - both within and the outer. The calm attentive approach to any task I perform today will support how I perform music this evening. I found it so nourishing to do Qi Gong with no regard to what time it was and then to enjoy our sitting. So wonderful to have breakfast with my wife on a sunny crisp fall morning while there are still enough song birds to greet the day.

I went to pick Tony up at 1pm in downtown DC but his arrival was delayed until 2pm. I took the opportunity to explore the Smithsonian American Art Museum.  I enjoyed many of the folk art pieces and a beautiful watercolor by Sam Gilliam. The layout of this  museum maximized the amount of objects and paintings exhibited but I was always right on top of everything. Found my attention distracted on several occasions by other patrons, but this also gave me the opportunity to redirect it.

We picked up soup and enjoyed this at home with Joann. Tony began setting up mics and cables while I changed strings. We sound checked at 6pm. At 6:50 I changed into my performance attire. We began at 7:30 pm. My playing felt relaxed and there were some fun moments. Did a good job of keeping what is important to me alive while I was playing.

The set list was:

Dancin' Free
Livin' the Dream
Here We Are
Matka Boska
Scattered Hearts
Stepping Stones
Gathered Hearts
Beneath Dark Images
Lost Balloon
Dandelion Wish

A light meal afterward followed by a few practicalities around the house. Day Two is tomorrow so I'm off to rest.


  1. Thank you for using my picture and telling me about it :) It's a honor, thank you very much.

  2. Powerful performance in our home! What a joy to be part of your process, your music, your LIFE!