Friday, October 22, 2010

Alive Again Day Two

Connected version 2
Awake at 7am after a good nights rest. Body feels good as I spend time with the AT directions. Another performance tonight, yet a full day ahead of me. How to use this day constructively yet maintain my energy for tonight. Fortunately I have experiences from within Guitar Craft to guide me in this area. So onto the beginning of my day.

A good morning with Qi Gong, sitting, breakfast, and then later time with people who mean the world to me. A great reminder of how much I have to be grateful for, of how much support I have, and of how much is possible for anyone. The word for today when we ended our Qi Gong session was "Connect." The rightness of this resounded on several occasions during my afternoon.

Needed a nap but this did not occur. Life goes on it was time to  warm up and sound check. Dressed and in the green room I made a decision to tell a story to the audience. A love story basically that underlies why I am calling this four night series Alive Again. For tonight this needed to be said, tomorrow we'll see. Continuing to find what is right for me in the performance setting.

Internal and external distractions affected my playing. What can I learn from them?

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