Saturday, October 2, 2010

Transitioning to Performance Mode


A lot of my practice has centered around new material lately. But now the dates for Alive 2 or perhaps Alive Again are quickly approaching. I had a great phone conversation with Tony Geballe this morning regarding strategies and practicalities for this live recording session. Building on what was learned and assimilated in July we are now moving forward. Tony is such a great person to work with; I am truly blessed.

Checking the stats on this blog this afternoon I was pleasantly surprised that there were 50 hits in one hour this morning. I had not posted anything since Monday which made this activity even more unusual. I checked the posts that were looked at and decided to read them again myself. They were centered around my work with the Alexander Technique. Within these posts I found what I needed to guide my guitar work from this perspective for the afternoon. I also began an organization of my writings to further inform my future practices.

I had decided during last nights session to focus on particular transitions in Dancin' Free and Beneath Dark Images. Incorporating the AT principles to this practice allowed me to maintain a certain freedom of use and to notice when I was end gaining.  Again and again coming back to giving myself the directions. I also began to have a sense of "allowing my spine to release out of my pelvis," which William Conable spoke of in his workshop.

In all a good day's practice, now if only I could get around to changing my strings.  What transitions are you working on?

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