Saturday, October 23, 2010

Morning Thoughts

DSC21810, Byodoin Temple, Uji City, Japan

Alive Again Day 3 - Morning Preparation

From where do I come? What has shaped my core? What drives me to make music?

Beginning my day with some AT work and then at the computer writing just a bit. Another performance tonight. How can I learn from and build on last night? A distraction of the wonderful kind will join us today and I would not have it any other way. How to fold time with my delightful 10 year old grand daughter into my preparation? She has inspired several pieces of music and two of them will be performed tonight. So I am remiss to even consider this a distraction, rather than an encounter with the creative. What if I viewed every person in this way? The melodies and harmonies flowing from my instrument would astound me.

Looking at these words I realize an answer to my three questions - Love. Having just completed my morning practice this answer still resonates.

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