Sunday, October 24, 2010

Alive Again - With Gratitude

A beautiful fall morning with an afternoon performance today. Feeling good about the process today. I suspect that our work with live recording will enhance my future studio work. Certainly my abilities as a performer have been stretched and deepened. And my relationships with friends and family also deepened as a result of this series.

I just completed writing my performance notes for myself. During the performance of one piece in particular today - Stepping Stones -  I sensed the presence of a few men who have been very important in my life. Ed Maynard, Jim Landy, Harry Carmen, Ed Battisfore, Leo Conner, and William Dixon, Jr. created a love song greater than any I could write. These were caring men, harmonized to help others and unselfish in their giving. I had dedicated these performances to them. This is just a small thanks to the life that they have shown me.

Today's performance had some special challenges. The early time made it difficult for me to recover from last night. Members of my beloved family were coming and  I know I have their support, yet I also care a little bit more about what they think. So an added pressure to want to play well. They are also the inspiration behind Kinnara, Lost Ballon, & Gathered Hearts. My performance of many of the pieces today were spirited and overall I fell good about the performance. No doubt the continued performing over four nights had much to do with my confidence and coming to a greater understanding of the music.

Just as the leaves change in fall, so do I. This burst of color that came from my guitar this weekend will continue to change and grow in mysterious ways. May music continue to whisper in our lives. And may we all be blessed with wonderful support in our creative endeavors as I experienced this series. A very special thank you to the best wife for me - Joann Malone, my ever delightful granddaughter Annelise, and to the most amazing producer/engineer Tony Geballe

Photo by Renate Leisten

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