Friday, October 8, 2010

Slipping in an Opportunity

I woke early today. Out of bed at 5am, dark with the insects humming outside. I did Qi Gong and sitting. A bowl of granola and decided to slip in some guitar practice before work. Both my body and mind were quiet as I slipped my guitar over my shoulder. Releasing and lengthening, I wanted to maintain awareness of my body in the seated position while playing. Keeping the Alexander Technique directions alive in my mind.

I decided to work on two passages, one from Lost Ballon and one from Dandelion Wish. I began with Lost Balloon and noticed almost immediately how refreshing practicing in this rested state was compared to at the end of my day. Playing with no sense of urgency, exploring my body in motion, and enjoying the process. I moved onto Dandelion Wish and again noted how nice it was to feel the whole day ahead of me. Expansive seems to describe the mode. I am happy to have seized this opportunity and to have disrupted my habit of getting ready for work and moving on.

And now to my regularly scheduled responsibilities.

9:50 am EDT

Interesting to note at 9am and again now 45 minutes later, how much the ease generated by this mornings AT work has stayed with me. Even after two pieces of information that have introduced upheaval and challenge into an already busy day. This sense of expansiveness in my day is being maintained. 

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  1. What a beautiful way to carry the freedom and focus of your practice into your work day!