Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Collaboration Laboratory Session 2

Very tired after work today.  Had a quick turnaround after getting held up at work.   A delicious dinner of BBQ Tempeh & oven roasted potatoes & carrots was followed by a 10 minutes nap.  I had to grab my gear and get to the Collaboration Laboratory.  Tonight we were joined by two more poets and dancers.  After introductions of the new people and a taste of their work we dove in.

The musicians were two guitarists, a cellist, keyboards, and a wind player with a flute and a sax.  A few percussion instruments were also available.  Six poets and four dancers rounded out the team.  Three of the musicians are also poets.  Following the format of last week, a poet read a line or a few lines and then the musicians and dancers responded.  We were off and running and after the second collaboration I realized my tiredness was gone.  Sparked by the creative juices flowing about the room, I was ready to go all night.  The 2 1/2 hour session flew by.  So much was going on that it was hard to take it all in, but what I did take in was creative, funny, mysterious, deep, engaging, and much more.  Something real good is happening in Takoma Park.

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