Saturday, May 14, 2011

Letting In, Letting Go, Letting Up

Let's ice skate to New Jersey

A very low energy morning for me today.  One good for reading and taking time to rest.  The sky has been gray all day.  Time to rest, to take in, knowing the sun is above the clouds and soon my energy will return.

We had our third session of the Collaboration Laboratory today.  A smaller group with one new addition who is a dancer.  Good that she joined us our others dancers were either performing today or ill.  She added a good spark to our work.  Five poets and three musicians, two of whom are also poets.  We were keys, flute or sax, and guitar.  Lots of talking today about what where we have been, where we are going, and how we might get there. Craig has taken time to consider our work and came in with a framework called Umbilicals of the Heart. He illustrated his thinking with a diagram, considered the flow of energy in a performance context and created one or two word descriptors for each part of his vision.  His presentation of the idea took courage, was open and non-attached.  A powerful example for me.  There was not complete agreement on his idea, yet his contribution was valuable to begin thinking of our performance.

We worked with and explored two poems from our previous sessions.  Musically, there seemed to be an agreement that we were developing our vocabulary and supporting one another.  No clear musical leadership has emerged, and may or may not be needed.  The improvisations were engaging, with poets exploring movements and words.  Wondering where this may lead me and us.  Remaining open and supportive to the process.

Having spent much of the day inside, I took a walk along Sligo Creek when I returned home.  The gray sky coupled with the fresh green of spring, somehow reflected my mood.  Noticing how the trees are so rooted, yet so up reminded me of the Alexander Technique.  Taking a few moments to think up and to let go of my neck.  Allowing in the sights and sounds of nature as I walked, enjoying the moments and ready for a quiet night.

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