Monday, May 16, 2011

There is a Season

I enjoyed my first practice session in days that was both qualitative and quantitative.  The allergy season has been upon me for over a month now and my energy drained.  Each year, I forget the toll that this season takes on me, until I remember that I just need more rest.  Early Saturday morning, I let go of my list for the weekend, and dedicated myself to rest without guilt.  I was at the point that rest was a necessity.  I played some and enjoyed what I did, but no big demands.

Tonight after a nap, dinner, and a walk, I was able to play and practice.  Sections that are weak were taken apart and worked on, and a possible set list presented itself.  Playing through Here We Are, I decided I needed to work on varying the intensity of attack of my right hand fingers.  Particular attention was given to a combination that begins with a dyad and then an arpeggio in which I want the notes played by the "m" finger to be softer than "i" and "a."  The rhythm of this section appears to be making this more difficult, but deep down I know that I need to work on the independence of the right hand fingers.  I've always enjoyed these types of technical exercises and tonight was no exception.   And now, I shall rest.

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