Sunday, May 8, 2011

Matka Boska - Blessed Mother

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day.  Where would we be, where would I be without my Mother's love.  When Mom listened, I never played a bad note, at least not one that she heard.  She worked hard for us, very hard.  She loved us to the best of her ability, even when I was less than worthy.  She passed from this physical world over two decade ago, yet the warmth of her hug can comfort me to this day.  Her smile and her fire continue to nourish me.  Mom was Polish through and through, so much so that even though I have Irish & Dutch heritage from my Father, I have always identified myself as being of Polish descent.

Mom bought me my first guitar in 1969, a Fender Jaguar.  She got my amp a few months later.  I found the receipts about ten years ago and still have them.  She always encouraged me to follow my dreams.  I miss her to this day.  A couple years ago, I was improvising one night and a piece began to emerge.  Immediately I recognized that this piece was her, for her and I knew the title then - Matka Boska - which is Polish for Blessed Mother.  When the children upset her, she would intone Matka Boska, invoking her faith to find a way to deal with us.

Today, I played Matka Boska for my mother, for my wife' s mother, and for a friend's mother.  With candles lit and incense freshening the air, we quietly held and were held by the spirits of our Mothers.  The very best spirit that humankind can bring to bear on this life.  May I be as gentle and loving as my Mother.  She loved roses and our yard had a beautiful rose garden.  Today as we celebrate Motherhood, may we all water the gardens of love tended by these great beings.  May we grow to be more like Mothers today and always.

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  1. Your mother's spirit and her love live on in you in so many ways. Thank you for sharing her and your music with me and the world. Love, J