Thursday, August 27, 2009

Addressing the Instrument

Some buzzing developed of late on my Godin on two of the strings. Off to see John Warden, a local luthier of great reputation. He tweaked my neck, the guitar one that is, and the buzz is gone. Action a bit high now but still playable. Need to go back in a couple weeks when the local humidity decreases to have a set-up prior to my next recording session at the end of September.

Listened to Chris Anderson's Free: The Future of a Radical Price during the commute. This is available as a free podcast or for sale.

After a gentle warm up I played through several works that I now and just enjoyed listening to the pieces. So much time lately has been devoted to new works that I felt the need to relax and enjoy my playing. Reviewed three other pieces.

Had a delightful conversation with my friend Pablo Mandel who did the design work for Scattered Hearts and the website. Such a wonderful man. We discussed two potential titles I have for the next release. He preferred the one I have been favoring so looks as if that decision is made.

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