Friday, August 21, 2009


Amazed when I did an AT lie down before practicing tonight. The section of my back behind my sternum was not a tight knot. And this on a Friday night when I did not sleep well last night. My efforts with applying the Alexander Technique during my work day and my ongoing Qi Gong practice bearing fruit.

The past two days on my commute to work I have been listening to rough recordings of the new solo guitar pieces I am learning. I began reviewing two of these pieces. Suddenly I found my hands arpeggiating a chord and then another. Trusting my instincts I followed. By the end of the hour I was onto something. A brief break for a lie down. My back and hands felt good and I wanted to keep them that way. Also I was getting emotionally excited about the developing piece and did not want that type of interference.

Back to the piece for another hour and I definitely have a beginning, middle, and an end. All of this was notated. By the end my left hand was feeling like a dish rag. I took a brief break and rubbed some linament into my left wrist to keep it loose. I wanted to create a rough recording for archival purposes but this was not to be tonight. Hand was too tired and the mind uncertain of the piece. Better to let go and protect my body. Onto the floor for another lie down.

What are you doing to protect your body from harm?

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