Tuesday, August 11, 2009

For the Love of Sound

Photo titled "Magic Light" Created by robokow

Tonight I was a bit wary about playing as my shoulder & neck were still tight this morning. After a lie down I picked up my dumbek. I have not played this lovely drum in some time, yet I always enjoy playing the dumbek when I do. Just listening to the various timbres I can produce on the drum and the always fun placing the hand inside of the goblet to modulate the sound. As I set it down I was reminded of how much I love sounds. Love listening to birds, insects, machines, the fade in of an approaching train as it enters the valley around Harpers Ferry.

Yes, the love of sound. And I love what the sound of music can do to me and to others. So tonight I pick up my guitar and just listen to the sound of seconds being lightly played up and down the neck. So lovely. On to a few different brief improvisations, holding onto nothing, letting the vibrations in. A certain measure of needed freedom.

Some gentle play throughs of material known and some in progress. All for the love of sound.

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