Monday, August 3, 2009

Three Lie Down Practice

Came home tired from work today. Even though monday is my usual night off from guitar practice, I wanted and needed to play tonight. I began with my Qi Gong stretches. Tonight my focus was to be on the joy of playing, much like I ended with last night. In fact I thought it might be a good exercise for me to let go of playing this week when I noticed the joy was missing.

Once noticed I would have the opportunity to direct my attention to manifesting joy. As I write this I am cringing internally about making this public. Always a good sign to make the commitment and see where this takes me.

After warming up my hands I played through some older works. Aware that my back was tired I grabbed my books and hit the floor for a lie down. The initial tightening in my back behind my chest gave way to relaxation. After 10 minutes I was refreshed and returned to review more pieces.

A break to assist Joann with something and back to the guitar. After another 15 minutes I noticed my back was tight again. So back to the floor again. Again the tightness that seems to live in that section of my back was there and intensified only to let go. Amazing that all I need do is lie down on the floor with my head supported by paperbacks and the muscles relax.

Back to the guitar again, gently. Looking at two of the new pieces, striving to maintain a sense of my body. Aware of my head and feet. Playing with the notes, seeing where they might like to go. How gently could I "play with' the strings? Toyed with this focusing on the lightness of my playing. I knew that the way to complete my practice this evening was with a final lie down.

Some tension in my usual spot but less than the two previous times. Perhaps this will be the focus of my practice this week. I suspect that joy will support my relaxation and my relaxation will support the joy of playing.

Stay tuned!

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  1. Love the mindfulness practice you brought to your guitar practice - as well as, it sounds, Alexander work with the lie-downs. I suspect you will get rich returns out of this intentional work!