Sunday, August 2, 2009

New Strings-New Beginnings

A Guitar Craft Aphorism: We Begin Again Constantly.

Certainly true in my case, when I remember.

Today we Joann and I had change of plane. We let go of our bike ride on the C&O Canal due to rain. I decided to spend part of this time with my guitar. First order of business was to change my strings. They were dull and smelly.

I love how bright new strings are. Even with wiping them down does not take long for my oily fingers to dull them. That and the fact that everything changes, especially strings.

Did some work on transitions in Dancin' Free and When Love is Taken. Slow careful work to train the fingers to these new movements. Loved hearing the new strings.

Break for errands, nap, and dinner. Then onto the Washington Mindfulness Community for sangha activity. Returned home calm and focused. I always enjoy pickup up my guitar after an evening of practice with WMC and tonight was no exception. I decided to have fun and just play pieces that I knew well. This was delightful and important. A great beginning to the week.

Photo by Joann Malone

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