Friday, August 7, 2009

Photo credit: Sharona Gott

What a week. Much happened, some documented in this, some being digested. This photo put me in a state of wonder after work today. Heard a Nino Rota soundtrack begin to roll.

Two quotes that had me coming back to them this week.

All music is what awakens from you when you are reminded by the
It is not the violins and the cornets .... it is not the oboe nor the
beating drums-nor the notes of the baritone singer singing his
sweet romanza .... nor those of the men's chorus, nor those of
the women's chorus,
It is nearer and farther than they.

Walt Whitman Leaves of Grass
A Song for Occupations

And this line in: From A to X, A Story in Letters by John Berger

What if babies laughed after being delivered?

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