Monday, February 14, 2011

I Had to Present

After a lovely dinner with my wife, I retired to the basement to work on her Valentines Day present.  The piece which began yesterday, Joyanna. At 8:20 pm, she asked if I would play it for her at 9pm.  What to do, but to honor her request, whether the piece was complete or not.  Before dinner I had briefly reviewed the beginning of the piece.

I knew that I would need to improvise an ending, and that as she is my number one supporter, that all would be fine.  As the time approached, I began making changes to the second section. Yesterday after this section the piece had seemed to want to change moods, tonight I did not find this.  At the appointed time, I played her the piece. As the end of the second section approached, I improvised an ending.  Hearing something in this, I immediately notated what I had just played.  Afterward, I played with this some more and may have completed the piece.  All is notated so I will resume working with this tomorrow to see what I think.

Showing up and playing for the finest audience I know, allowed the muse to whisper tonight.  Grateful for her love, grateful for my teachers,  and grateful for music.  Happy Valentines Day!


  1. Sweet story - I love it - nothing like having a command performance with the muse to find just what it is that was wanting to happen in the song.

  2. I look forward to hearing it again this evening. Nothing like that spirit of Guitar Craft pressure to shake the muse. Love, J