Saturday, February 5, 2011


The past three evenings and for 45 minutes this morning, I've been addressing two pieces of music.  One section, in one of the pieces in particular.  Patiently, at times lovingly, noticing what I am doing, breaking this movement down, and beginning again.  Constantly pausing and incorporating the Alexander Technique to allow my body to be as relaxed, yet alert as possible.

When my attention wavered I would take a short break, and work on finding & packing equipment I will take with me tomorrow.  Slowly noticing improvement, knowing that this kind of work also improves my playing overall, not just in this particular phrase.  I'm always fascinated how I can be this patient working on a phrase with my guitar and this generally causes me to reflect on communication with people.  If only I could be so patient with them when the phrases are not flowing the way that I would wish.

Even having the wish moves me closer to having greater empathy and understanding with others and myself.  The more I tune myself with Qi Gong, AT, & meditation, the impossible moves a bit closer.  New strings are now on my Godin, so I need to play them in for a bit before I complete my day.  But first, I will pause.

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