Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Just Another Night of Practice

Fire Dance

Returned to AT class with David Jernigan tonight.  We worked through Sandra's Five Relations.  David gave me a very good sense of the head-pelvis counterbalance. He also pointed out that after years of practicing meditation, that I might not notice much in the area of the "ribs releasing back into the back," as this is already happening.

At home I spent time with my wife and visiting nephew, and then moved to my guitar.  I revisited the section of Broken Wing that opened up to me last night, and am enjoying the slight changes in how I play this.  Being freer in the rhythm of this section allows the emotion to surface.  I then played through the entire piece twice and decided to keep the changes.  Moving onto Nick's Song, I worked on getting the chord changes of the newly acquired last section into my hand.

This arrived during the power outage in our home last week.  I'm glad that I notated the section as I have not returned to this until tonight.  Without the notation, this section would have been lost to me tonight.  A great reason for me to incorporate notation into my regime.  Time, it always comes back to time.  Yet somehow even with my limited time to devote to music, I do somehow continue to find the time to do what it takes.

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