Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Seize the Moment

My body is a bit twitchy today.  Partially a result of constantly being awakened last night, no malice involved, just the way it was.  And the two nights prior I've had trouble sleeping.  An hour ago I was drifting off to nap, when the phone rang.  C'est la vie.  Now I'm fed and looking at how to use my evening.

If only I could give an AT instruction that "lengthened and widened" the time I have available.  One errand must be run, a commitment to myself needs to be addressed at 8:30 pm, and also my guitar.  So I guess it is time to pick up my guitar and then tend to the other two.  Now why was this so befuddling before I began to write?

I guess I did lengthen and widen the "use" of my evening. 

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