Sunday, February 6, 2011

What Did I Learn Today?

great horned owl

Went over to Steve's home to experiment with recording.  Software glitches, false starts and over driven preamps are all part of the process.  Not necessarily new information, just reminders of taking on the recording process.  Patience and good humor prevailed, and time spent with a dear friend is always nourishing.  I did apply the Alexander Technique throughout our recording process today.  Constructive thinking, keeping me in the present moment, and facilitating my use.  I don't think we captured any complete 'live' take, but the preparation on short notice was informative. 

The Burmese lunch we shared that included Tea Salad and a Ginger Salad were excellent.  Afterward a very good sitting with the Washington Mindfulness Community.  During the Dharma Sharing, one practitioner pointed out that they are learning that they do not need to say everything they are thinking.  Always sage advice, and then they went on to say that they do not need to think about everything that comes to mind - profound.

And so it goes.

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