Friday, February 4, 2011

Timbres, Tempers, & Tone


My day began with wonder & joy.  Rested and feeling like myself again, after my recent bout with the flu.  I moved into a energizing Qi Gong session, noticing how since I worked on some of these exercises with David in AT class, that the energy continues to flow more freely. 

During my commute, I was listening to some of my live takes to determine where I am in the process.  The car was not an ideal situation for this, but this did immerse back into the project.  At one point, I paused the music and arrived at a traffic light.  Connecticut Avenue was my cross street and this is generally full of traffic in the morning.  Today the northbound lane, which I was closet too was fairly sparse.  As traffic approached, and my Prius was quiet, I marveled at the sounds the tires were making on the pavement.  I realized that I had been listening intently enough that my ears were focused. Various drones at varying tempi, continued to delight me until the light changed.  Arriving at the next major intersection, a truck changing gears caught my attention.

Onto the clamor of managing a professional kitchen, my listening dulled to hearing at best.  Just as I was about to leave, an interaction with a customer service manager, got me steamed.  Good timing has not been a part of their performance this week, and seems that once the initial mistake was made days ago, the reverberations continued to grow.  An hour later I was able to leave, not totally confident that they will come through.

Listening to rock & roll from my youth, was aggravating my mood so I choose to listen to Agnus Dei, a collection of classical choral music, given to me as a present years ago.  My usual time to listen to this is in the morning, but today the power of this music, calmed my emotions and allowed me to turn my attention to greater thoughts.  Listening during this day has triggered delight, wonder, anger, calm and reverence.  And I still need to play my guitar.

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