Friday, May 22, 2015


 Earlier this week I was practicing Tai Chi with Master Li.  As he was showing us a new part of the form, my right arm was forming the tail of the heron.  The hand is pointed down and as is all of Tai Chi - relaxed.  Master Li came over to me, gently shook my right hand saying let go.  Smiling to see The Grip had manifested once again.  While driving home I was amazed at how once again when learning a new movement, I am holding on somewhere.

This morning while practicing Tai Chi down by Sligo Creek, I was practicing a new section and found myself stiffening my neck.  My Alexander Technique work kicked in as I directed the neck to be free.  How does tightening my neck help me execute a move?  Keeping some attention to my neck as I continued to practice, a few other times I noticed I was tightening as I was learning these moves.

Again just now as I type, the neck was tightening.   There is always an opportunity to let go. 

Photo by Shikeroku

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