Sunday, May 10, 2015

In Gratitude For Mom

I am forever grateful to my Mother who gave me this life, loved me like no other, and showed me what it meant to love another.  Though it has been close to 30 years since last we touched, her touch remains with me always.  Her smile, her hugs and her laugh still warm me.  I carry her with me, and hope that as I find greater freedom and love that this spreads throughout her and our Universe.

A Mothers' Love is a mystery none of us will ever really comprehend, but if I can spread it around a bit, I have made the world nicer.  I long to hear her voice intoning Matka Boska, Blessed Mother, when she as at a lost of how to deal with me.  I am grateful that despite the number of times she had to appeal for help for me, I was always welcomed into her arms.

Photo by Face MePls

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  1. Beautiful! I am so grateful to your mother too.