Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Seek Freedom

A friend sent me an email today with the thought "We can choose our freedom." Can I?  Will I?  Going against habit is a continuous struggle.  Neuronal pathways polished by years or decades of poor choices, lack of knowledge, or misguided beliefs are still slick for the using.  As we make new choices, presumably better ones, to build more effective habits new pathways are forged.  Where do these pathways lie within our brains, nerve circuits and muscles?  How easily in a moment of inattention do we slip back into the old choice or habit?

When the emotions kick in mental clarity is muddied, somatic memories are invigorated and a subtle desperation to act is aroused.  Sometimes even to just get it over with. 

Meditation exercises the muscle of attention while slowing down the random chatter of the mind.  As the thinking stills, choice becomes possible.  Much better to pause, to think new thoughts, release the emotional energy and wait for clarity.  Rather than occupy our  ghost towns of the past,  choose to seek freedom.  As one good book has stated "seek and ye shall find."

Photo by Bureau of Land Management

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  1. It is an interesting contemplation, whether we do have the ability to choose, or we are just acting in response to stimuli. I like the idea that we have at least SOME ability to choose.