Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Releasing the Heavenly Pillar

In the Daoist 12 Posture Qi Gong there is an exercise called Releasing the Heavenly Pillar which is how the Daoist refer to the spine.  This simple exercise was developed in a sitting meditation posture but can also be performed sitting in a chair or standing. This simple exercise to assists the spine in releasing out of the pelvis.  As I was practicing guitar this morning, I paused at one point and did this exercise three times in each direction while wearing my guitar.  Not the ideal situation, but I do what I do.

Later I paused to inhibit my activity and direct my thinking with my current twist on the Alexander Technique Directions I mentioned in yesterdays post.  Playing through a section I was working on, the thought to release the Heavenly Pillar arrived.  As I noticed this thought I also noticed a release in my right arm and hand which was welcomed.

Photo by Sue Clark

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  1. Would you be so kind to give the instructions for this Daoist exercise?