Saturday, May 16, 2015

Where Does Music Come From?

We drove past four different Takoma Porch locations in the little over a mile drive to the site I was assigned to play today.  What a great feeling to know that all over our little city of Takoma Park, music was freely being offered to the residents and whoever cared to make the visit.  I am a bit frazzled after playing .  Heat, humidity, passing buses and the occasional train were challenging my attention.  Sweat and my guitars' tuning drifting in moments after being adjusted took their toll. A listening and attentive audience and being hosted by a lovely family made the effort worthwhile though.

I was washing my hands before going on and wondered where does music come from and why do these pieces come to me?  This first happened to me on a Guitar Craft course when I could barely play.  I was challenged to perform, was thinking about Joann and a piece of music fell into my hands.  Twenty-five years later,  from time to time, I'm thinking of someone I love and a melody appears.  Music comes to me in other ways also, but these pieces that arrive when reflecting on family and friends move me, allow me to reflect on life, and give me hope to continue searching.  My concern was do I have the ability to effectively transmit this music?  But there was no time to reflect on this concern, because it was time to go on.

Photo by Joann Malone

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  1. May she be called a muse who can capture her artist's visage. Well played on both accounts, musician and photographer.