Friday, May 15, 2015

To The Porch

I woke today knowing that I must play on our back porch amplified today in preparation for the Takoma Porch gig tomorrow.  I wanted to do this on Wednesday but did not make it happen and yesterday I practiced in the early morning so could not move it outside.  Then the rest of the day was packed.  This afternoon I hit the back yard a bit later in the day then I planned but I was out there.

The guitar/amp combo sounded better than I thought it would.  I was playing through a couple pieces when I realized that in 24 hours my set would begin at 4:15 pm.  So I played through the set.  Different distractions than usual trees blowing in the wind, a low flying helicopter, birds singing and children playing. But I played on. I'm ready.  Afterwards I put on new strings and played a bit more.

I'll be on the porch of 7063 Eastern Ave tomorrow.  Let us hope for good weather.  Check the link for other artists and locations.   One of the many reasons I love Takoma Park.

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