Friday, April 22, 2011

Letting Go

So don't sing me the songs about the good times

Rain came to the area today, so while I'm still congested, my breathing is easier.  A delightful dinner with old friends tonight, friends who used to live around the corner.  Today they cleaned their home in which they raised a family for the final time.  On Monday, new life will enter this space and make a new home.  Letting go, moving on, all part of this life.  I'm happy that they are with us this weekend, to allow our home provide them a familiar space in which to be, as they complete this phase of their life.  After conversation, they moved to rest and I to play.

After warming up, I did some work with the Etude in 7, and then began to just play.  A melody appeared. And then the melody lengthened taking me on a journey for an hour.  Teasing me, urging me to find the space within the melody, within me.  Let go of my desires, just be with the notes that I had.  Slowly a possibility for the next section appeared.  Playing with this, wondering if I would be up late, taking note of what the muse was offering.  A shift of mood with the piece came out.  A good shift, one that let go of what was already established.  Recording what I had, noticing my tiredness, I decided to let go and trust that the muse will return again, as long as I do.  Slowly I am learning there is a time for rest, a time to let go ...

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  1. Thanks for using my photo! I was definitely in the same mindset when I took it.