Friday, April 15, 2011

Various Reminders


Fridays.  Always nice to come home, knowing that I have two days off to use as I please.  While taking breaks during practicing tonight, I continue to bring order to our home.  Lots of shredding tonight - paper that is.  I did review a few pieces and then began looking at the C Hijaz scale once again. 

During this last break, I began to address a small pile, where I found various reminders, that I have attached to my music stand at some point.  I'll share them with you now in the order that I found them.

Can I Approach any note with Innocence and Delight?

Be Here Now!

Find the Space                         Connect


I think I can let go of these particular pieces of paper now, the reminders are good, and I am sure will resurface again.  My process is like that.  Allow something to direct my attention for a while, and then use another construct.  Be Here Now, just leaped off the page at me right now.  Where are you?

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  1. I have similar notes around and just tossed some that were stuck on my laptop. They weren't very inspirational.

    A couple of my current reminders on the wall: Field of Dreams: Give it a heartbeat

    Remembering both darkness and light, I gather the patience and power to dwell in true faith.

    Play, experiment, learn

    Thanks Patrick. Shredding is cathartic.