Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Look Out

                                    Photo by James Landry

Tomorrow, I will be attending the Collaboration Laboratory, which will be a group of poets, dancers, and musicians looking to share their work and explore possible collaborations.  I was invited by the organizer, who finds something of interest in my work.  A good thing all in all.  But tonight my mind is like James photo.  Either chattering away, not there, or fixed but not focused.  Who will be there?  What will I do?  Will they like me?  Ah welcome to my life, my mind.

I've been watching myself long enough to know that this is another of the 1000 faces of fear manifesting subtly.  What to do?  Bring my attention back to my body, then the guitar, breath out, and play.  Listen to what I'm playing and keep returning to this moment, the only moment of my life.  As the Guitar Craft aphorism, that I've quoted a few times in the blog reminds me, we begin again constantly.

I remind myself that entering into unknown situations are good for me.  I'll be stretched, learn, and keep moving.  One thing is certain, if I'm still breathing, I will show up on time and be as open as possible.


  1. Did you see Temple Grandin? If so, happy doorway! If not, see it. And have fun tomorrow - here's to collaboration!

  2. As usual, everything is here, in this precious moment. Beautiful, open, honest sharing.

  3. Patrick,
    After living with your "Scattered Hearts" album all of yesterday, I have to say that in my mind you have gotten to the place you are because of who you already are, because of the beauty of what you create and do. There is no need to prove anything. I think you already know that.

    May this project bring you to yet another wonderful place, Patrick. You have many gifts to share, not only musically, but spiritually and personally. I look forward to hearing how it goes. Enjoy!


  4. Thanks for your time and attention, this matters to me. All three of you also have much to offer the world and you do. Glad we are all connecting with what is real and true for us. Grateful we are connecting with one another.