Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tuning to Joy

Joy (Explored)

Bringing order to the shelves in my practice studio.  Memories abound as I shift books, files, CD-R's, cassettes, & floppies around.  A stack of photo's & cards from some other unresolved encounter with entropy grab my attention.  One particularly favorite photo is of my granddaughter and I on a karoake stage in Penang, Malaysia.  So much joy captured in this photo, as we were playing around on this empty stage with enough vigor that you might believe we were actually performing until you notice there is no mic plugged into the cables.  In a sense we were performing though, for the camera and for the rest of our family.   Entering into a creative moment with what talent we had and plenty of innocence, joy and love in our delivery.

May I carry this day onto the stage with me again and again.  One thing from my experience as a performer and as a listener, is that when the heart is tuned to higher aspirations, everything changes.  How to tune my heart remains an ongoing practice.  How to touch the innocence and sincerity of a child and tune my concerns to these wavelengths?  How to be spontaneous and free in my playing?  How to bask in the sunshine of love?  A wise man once told me to begin where you are.  Breathing in ...

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