Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Soar & Glide

110426 Seattle and Bremerton (41)

Awake at 5 am this morning, listening to the birds sing praises to the end of night and celebrating another glorious sunrise.  Inspired by the birds I decided to seize the opportunity and play for 15 minutes.  This could have been longer, but I did some work on my right hand nails.

My wife joined me for Qi Gong, and while doing one of the Crane forms this thought came into my mind - May you soar and glide throughout the day.   This sentiment returned to me during the Collaboration Laboratory meeting tonight.  A collection of 7 poets, 5 musician, and 2 dancers, with 2 of the musicians also being poets.  As a way of introducing ourselves to one another, each presented a poem, music, or movement.  Then the process for investigation in this particular Lab project was introduced.  A poet would present a line and then the musicians and dancers would improvise.  Perhaps the poet would be influenced by what was seen and heard and incorporate this into the poem.  Some of the poets repeated the line, some changed it, and at times others added words.

In all we undertook this four times with discussion in between.  Some of the poets repeated the line, some changed it, and at times others added words.  A really good group of articulate people with a broad depth of experiences.  There were moments when we did soar & glide, which were very satisfying.  More questions raised than answers found,  a certain feeling one another out.  Laughter, wonder, magic and the mundane all arose and evolved.  A gentle stretch, connections made, and an evening well spent.

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