Saturday, April 30, 2011

Senseless Loss

How much longer?

While working on the etude this morning, it's name appeared based on certain thoughts and feelings that have arisen within me during the past 12 hours - Senseless Loss.  This piece is dedicated to the victims of gun violence.  I have been working with this etude in varying capacities for the past two months.  Originally conceived as a fingerstyle piece, to develop my right hand tremolo technique, I actually switched to using a pic.  All the years of practicing with a pic, have my speed & evenness with the tremolo in place, allowing me to work out the tricky left hand positions.  Not that there has also not been issues arising with the right hand.  Just feels right to play this with a pic.

With this recognition of the name, something else has entered into this piece.  Perhaps just another fantasy of my imagination, but there is a yearning within me now to play this piece with passion.  Life is short; life is precious, and too often wasted by how easy it is to pull the trigger in my beloved America.

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