Tuesday, March 10, 2015

How Do You Cry?

How to use 20 minutes to assist me in reaching my various goals today?  That's what I had left to work with before leaving my home for an appointment.  Sure I could read or bring order to our home, but those would happen anyhow.  I needed to move something else forward if only a bit.  I decided to listen to a couple quick recordings of new pieces I made yesterday on my mp3 recorder.

I had a couple reasons for this one of which I can learn how I am playing the pieces and know what to focus my practice on later.  And I need a good enough version to send off to a friend who is transcribing pieces for me for an upcoming release.  I was fairly certain that one of the three takes of The Call would satisfy this, but I needed find it.  I also listened to takes of Forgive Me for future practice purposes.

Jotting down some quick notes on Forgive Me which arose in memory of my departed sister Sharon, I thought of the person I was to meet.  They have suffered some incredible losses and are still in the grieving process.  I decided to take a copy of my release from a few years back, Scattered Hearts, with me to give to them.  Three of the pieces on Scattered Hearts stem directly from the death of family and friends.  A couple others deal with loss in a different manner.  And yes there is also Joy present throughout the CD.  When I gave this to my friend, who said they cry a lot, I heard myself say I cry through my guitar. 

Photo by H Koopdelaney

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