Saturday, March 7, 2015

Will I Heed The Call?

 Every journey begins with The Call.
Be it one of spiritual development,
mental expansion,
or the desire to visit other lands.

Can I see the path?
A Path provides a pull
and shows us the next step.

Easier to trod the Path
with an experienced Guide,
even better in the company of others.

the Journey is mine to take.

When I hear The Call,
there's a charge that sparks my desire,
my will, and my need to answer.

Will I heed The Call?
 Photo by Paul Bica

1 comment:

  1. Patrick, this is very inspiring, thank you.

    I remember a poem from long ago:
    So nigh is grandeur unto dust, so near is God to man
    When duty whispers low "though must"
    The youth replies I can"
    And now I have to look up the source!