Thursday, March 12, 2015

Picking Up the Pieces, Again

There was once two musicians ...

At times our music was full of dissonance with pages of rests between the bursts of twisted & tortured melodies that harkened the music of the past and laid out structure for our music of the future.  Silence was needed between the pieces to absorb  the intense feelings generated by our scores of misunderstanding. Occasional glimmering melodies would emerge from our miasma mist of uncertainty; two musicians reading the score of the music of life in the traditions in which we were trained.

One day we took a chance, composing a brief divertimento based solely in love.  Hearkening pieces of beauty & wonderment of our youth, this tiny work in the canons of music struck a vibrant harmony within & without the players.  Sometimes the Muse whispers, and sometimes she Roars with a force that penetrates deeply even into the hearts of the deaf,  illuminating and magnifying the notes  needing to be played now.  These rare performances, requiring years of dedicated preparation, change the players, change the world. The notes resonating and reverberating in the hearts of the beyond.

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