Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Energy at the Edge

This morning I had a two hour Qi Gong class with Master Li.  While this is always an energizing experience, some days are even more heavenly.  Today was one of them.  I left there with subtle muscular knots released, joints wide open and my Qi flowing.  A light lunch and nap and then I picked up my guitar.

With my hands still charged and my fingers relaxed I began practicing.  Looking out the window I noticed the trees now have buds.  Marveling at the complexity of the still bare branches and grateful that I am only working with coordinating eight fingers and two thumbs.  Then I saw the tree's energy in a sense, the buds forming along the smaller branches were particularly concentrated at the ends of the branches.  Just like in Qi Gong where we use our minds to move our energy about our systems, but particularly to the ends of the fingers and toes where the various meridians begin and end.  A surge of energy entered my hands as I continued to play, smiling as once again my various disciplines inform one another.

Growth occurs at the edge of plants, animals and people.  Particularly artists grow most at their edge.  Where is your edge?

For those of you local to Takoma Park, Maryland my wife & I will be offering a course on Sunlight Qi Gong beginning April 1st.  More info here 

Photo by Don Komarechka

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