Saturday, March 28, 2015

Journey Between

In Ralph Towner's book Improvisation and Performance Techniques for Classical and Acoustic Guitar he suggested picking two chords and finding a way to relate them to one another.  This idea surfaced in my mind today so I decided to explore the possibilities again. Any two chords could work, the intent is to find a way, even more than one way to connect them.  When I've played with this before I always learn something.  Today was no different.

A simple journey into the unknown, offering a chance to respond, reflect and refine my abilities.  Another benefit is the activity makes a deposit in my imagination for future harvest.  Possibly a nugget could arrive that leads to a piece.  I'll never know if I don't pick up the guitar and explore.  Neither will you.

Photo by Dominic Alves

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  1. Wonderful post. So much creativity comes when we open ourselves to the juxtaposition of apparently incompatible things.