Tuesday, January 12, 2021


Entangled body/mind.

Let thoughts fall winds clear our path.

Freedom comes then goes.

I need to give myself permission to pause during my practice session. When I notice my body is tense or the mind dancing with non-related thoughts. Pushing through will not provide me with freedom. Practice is not a performance. I am not in front of anyone, no set time frame for getting off the stage.

If I want to perform well, then pausing during practice is the way forward. When my body and mind are entangled or confused a simple pause for a few breaths invites in freedom. A simple pause for constructive thinking opens the door to letting go of the entanglement. And as Mio Morales pointed out in his Cycle Study session of the Alexander Technique this morning the improvement arrives here and now but also better prepares me into the future. As the Guitar Craft aphorism aptly describes: Small incremental changes are transformative.

Pauses open me to how I am using myself right now. Guiding my nervous system to find ease. And then repeating the questions or directions again. Bringing my hands to the guitar and noticing how I am using my body. Pausing again and then again. Noticing the energetic shift to freedom and then noticing again, when I am diligent, that habit has returned. Will I remember to pause again? Will you?  


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