Wednesday, January 13, 2021


 Settling into my practice this morning I wondered if I was ready to play Day Two without the score? How much of this short piece do I know? Is there any doubt regarding the next phrase? The dynamics?  Smiling I got to work. Honing a piece is part of the craft I generally enjoy. 

From there I moved onto What Is This? a very challenging piece of music. Hearing the chatter ‘will I ever be able to play this’ I smiled and paused. Beginning again so did the internal noise. We begin again constantly states the aphorism. Not sure how many pauses I took but finally settled into working on it. Then I switched to Searching

For the next 90 minutes I danced between working on this three pieces. Noticing subtle  improvements each time I returned to one of them. There is still much I do not know. C’est la vie. 

Photo by flo220

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