Friday, January 22, 2021

Where Am I?

 Though it is tempting to think of yourself in small integrated parts when playing your instrument, think of yourself as an integrated whole. And that “whole” includes your not just your body, but your thoughts, as well as how you relate to your external environment.

Bill Plake - Alexander Technique Teacher

This mornings practice was challenged by my thinking. I had a limited time as we were going to celebrate an accomplishment of my wife by getting out in nature for a long walk. Thinking of her and having to perform a piece tomorrow and a couple ideas that arose this morning had me bound up. Body and mind were not in the same place.

I know what to do in this situation - meditate. But there was the time factor. Decided to let go and bring order to some stuff. In the afternoon with better focus I played. Continuing to work with how I relate to the external environment while playing.

Photo by Master Tux

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