Sunday, January 10, 2021


As I sat down with my guitar this morning I did not want to launch right into practicing the set for tomorrow for Homesongs For Life gig at 3pm EST.  I needed to open this session with an improvisation.  Fifty minutes later I had written down some notes and needed a break.  Then another 30 minutes of playing with this idea and then a walk. 

After the walk I ran the set.  Felt good about how I played.  Addressed a few of the difficult transitions. A little more time with the new idea.  I knew I needed to hear the arpeggios but did not have time to put them in the scoring program.  Decided I would use my time in the silent zoom work session in the afternoon to score the notes.  I did not score the introduction, just the arpeggios. As I listened to them I heard where they wanted to go next. 

Without the introduction here part of what I was working with:

Would you like to here some completed recorded works? Go to:

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