Sunday, January 3, 2021

Wherein Lies the Possible


Establish the possible and move gradually towards the impossible. - Guitar Craft Aphorism

The possible begins when I open the case.

Having been practicing pretty much daily for the past 32 years I know that every day is different. Today the energy was great. I began with A Journeyman’s Way Home the first piece I ever ‘wrote.’ Most days I begin with this as a reminder of innocence and what can happen when I present myself to the guitar.

With a blank score on the desk I improvised for a while but nothing was there. After playing Day Two, I took a few breaths and let my hands open to the guitar. I heard something that spoke to me. Following it for the next 90 minutes was an adventure. I made notes as I went along. Tomorrow I’ll revisit to access what may be there. 

From there I played through a few other pieces. The search continues.

Photo by: Fotocitizen

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