Friday, January 15, 2021

Next Steps


More playing with fun at the beginning of practice today. Keeping it fresh. Might I come back to this later?  Break up the practice with joyful playing? 

Returned to the idea yesterday I titled Entangled - indeed the notes that I wrote down are. In a good way I hope. Laughing as I thought about choosing Entangled as a working title was perhaps nudged by playing with Wesley Balk’s ideas. After all his work is about the physical, mental and emotional entanglements which arise in music performance. There is something in these notes but transitions between sections are still needed. May I find them.

Fifty minutes helping a friend prep for a gig next week. I played him Day Two. He’s the first person beside my wife to hear this piece. Afternoon was crowded with a meeting and setting up a new television. Then the virtual open mic on Forward Link distracted me from the frustration of dealing with a Smart TV. Wonderful to hear the stories, poems and songs of others here. Looking forward to next month.

The journey may be long or short. I only need to see and take the next steps.

Photo by John Fowler

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